Fashion Entrepreneur Series: Defining Your Brand & Sharing Your Story

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016 in Blog

Savvy consumers want to know the story behind their apparel. Because of social media and ecommerce, fashion entreprenuers are able to share the history of their brand, the inspiration of each design, and the manufacturing process. The storytelling and sharing isn’t a one-way street though. Great apparel brands know that they can have meaningful relationships with their customers, and in some cases build a community that helps define a brand.

To help us learn how to create a voice and image of our brands, PeopleWearSF and the Fashion Incubator San Francisco have invited the following panelists to give us an action plan and to answer our questions. button



Meghan Marsh King
Meghan Marsh King is a brand strategist and writer with over nine years experience in marketing, sales, operations and consumer experience. At the helm of her own brand she has managed a range of successful projects for clients as diverse as nonprofits, legal services, luxury retail, design and hospitality.

Prior to starting her own business, Meghan focused on sharpening her copywriting skills with freelance agency work and gained experience in luxury products and marketing. While working at Meadowood Napa Valley, Meghan discovered a passion for designing consumer experiences by anticipating the emotional needs of others, and telling stories that fulfill those needs.
Meghan’s desire to tell stories and solve problems with artistry gives her a dynamic set of skills that lend themselves to improving business performance and creating brands and experiences that endure.

screenshot20160604at7.38.05amCamille Schmidt
Camille was born and raised in Marin County, California. Born to a family who for 3 generations worked in the apparel industry, she knew mid-way through college that she would seek a career in fashion/lifestyle PR. After graduating the University of San Diego with a degree in Communications, she honed her skills in social media and public relations in New York and San Francisco. After two prestigious internships in New York and creating a popular Vogue, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar sponsored blog; Camille came back to San Francisco to work as the PR Assistant for the Head of Public Relations for Lucy active wear. The following year she started her own boutique public relations firm, Blanc Communications, which she has built into one of the premier public relations and social media agencies for fashion/lifestyle PR in the San Francisco Bay Area. Camille currently splits her time between New York and San Francisco working with prestigious fashion brands throughout the United States.

rachelfinal20154115636copyRachel Fischbein, Esq.
Rachel Fischbein is the founder of Law On The Runway, and specializes in assisting creative startups they build the foundations of their companies and navigate contractual relationships. She has been published by Women 2.0 and Young, Fabulous, & Self- Employed Magazine.

Ms. Fischbein is also a Director of PeoplewearSF, a nonprofit supporting the Bay Area apparel industry, and a member of Macy’s San Francisco Fashion Incubator’s Advisory Board. For a variety of organizations, she is a frequent presenter on topics such as the legal issues of social media and email marketing, privacy law and wearables, and intellectual property rights of jewelry and apparel.

Panelist Topics

  • The power of your brand: telling a unique and authentic story
  • Building your audience and communicating your value through storytelling
  • Creating a content-driven marketing plan
  • What is public relations? How can it enrich a brand and drive sales?
  • How you can DIY your own PR and when do you need a consultant
  • The differences between agencies, boutique agencies and freelancers
  • What to expect when you hire a boutique agency and how can you protect yourself from a negative experience
  • What are the legal issues of online marketing?

Fashion Incubator San Francisco (FiSF) is cohosting the event with PeopleWearSF. The event is being held at the Fashion Incubator San Francisco. located at 50 O’Farrell St, between Stockton and Grant. FiSF are adjacent to Macy’s Men but are in a separate building with a separate entrance. Please do not go into Macy’s, there is no access to FiSF from inside of Macy’s.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)fisfresize
Fashion Incubator – 50 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102