Hilside Bags


Everyone needs a bag…and a bag for their bag.

As a Marin County high school student, Hilary was the go-to-girl for friends and family who needed a unique bag to hold all their “stuff”. By hand-sewing remnant fabrics from old jeans and dresses, she was there to bail them out of all their potential fashion mishaps.

Nobody, including Hilary, ever expected that her high school hobby would morph into the thriving business it is today. Since she contracted her first order of 80 bags to a local chain store in December 2005, the business has grown to over 30 retailers nationwide from boutique gift shops, spas and apothecaries and most recently a travel store at San Francisco International Airport. Hilside Bags’ key feature is their oilcloth lining a water and stain resistant material available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. This very clever addition keeps you from worrying about ruining the interior of your bag with makeup, a rogue pen or anything that could erupt inside your treasured bag

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Hilside Bags
Hilary Wehlitz
10 Lupine Ave SF, 94118 (available to meet by appointment only)